Welcome to Diamond Hill World

Diamond Hill exists to Entertain and Inspire; We develop, package, produce and create African born world class entertainment packages. Although motion pictures are our forte; we also develop books, plays, musicals, children’s books, music, and live productions. Our focus: productions and projects that provoke, entertain and inspire. Our values are: development, mentorship, innovation and excellence through a pioneering culture                           

Cinema Mobile

Diamond Hill brings the specially constructed, fully enclosed, expanding, 100-seater cinema container truck to Africa. Engineered  by Toutenkamion in France

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Film Production

Diamond Hill focuses on the development of motion picture projects; financing and packaging them.

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Sisanda & Bonnie 

Sisanda and Bonnie Henna, founders of Diamond Hill are also: actors, author, director, producer, leaders and well known personalities in South Africa  

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